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MIGREEN BANANA FRUITY SHEET MASK [A banana mask that provides moisture polish skin]

It is a moisturizing mask pack containing banana extract and providing rich moisture to the skin that is tired and dry and gives it radiant skin. It contains collagen and guava extract to gently cure your skin and contains mulberry extract and rooibos extract to keep your skin alive and healthly.  Leaving your face soft and silky..

+ Supply nutrition

It is a nutrition supply mask pack that contains nutrient-rich banana extract and supplies nutrition and moisturizing to tired and dry skin.

+ Elasticity enhancement  

Contains collagen extract and guava extract to make your skin look bouncy and smooth.

+ Skin Soothing & Anti-aging

Mulberry extract, Rooibos extract and other active ingredients, the product alleviates and calms skin irritation and reduces stress on skin, and inhibits active oxygen production to prevent skin aging. 

- With abundant Vitamin E, the product is ideal for skin aging prevention and boosts skin elasticity, and smooths rough skin.

- Large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar provide effective skin moisture. Keeps skin moisturized and prevents dryness while helping to moisturize skin.

- Provides conditioning and nutrition to the skin, helping to maintain healthy skin.

- Helps relieve and soothe sagging skin irritation due to external stimuli.

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